We Have a Winner!

I had a number of entries in the contest to choose the subject of my next blog

16th Miss. Inf.
Private Silas A. Shirley, Company H, 16th Mississippi Infantry (Library of Congress)

article, and I am happy to say we have a winner! I put all of the entries in my old reenacting hat, and my daughter Sarah picked the winning entry. Without further ado, the subject of my next blog post will be the 16th Mississippi Infantry! I had multiple entries for this regiment, so I know there will be a number of people happy tonight. The 16th Mississippi Infantry compiled a notable war record with the Army of Northern Virginia, and was, in fact, the only Mississippi unit to serve under General Stonewall Jackson. I am looking forward to writing about the 16th Mississippi, and I plan to have the article finished before the end of the month.

7 thoughts on “We Have a Winner!

  1. We are all winners, with your selection!!!

    Barksdale’s Brigade served under “Old Jack” in the seizure of Harper’s Ferry, Virginia, during the Sharpsburg (Liberation of Mary Land) Campaign.

    Named my son’s Lee & Jackson!! 😉

  2. I tried to leave a comment on your John S. Lamkin blog but not sure it worked? He was my Gr. Gr. Grandfather and really appreciate your posting that blog!! I would like to get on the website where you accessed the Genealogy of the Lamkin family but when I clicked on it I didn’t get anything. Could you give me more information for getting on that website? Thanks

    1. Mike, Thanks so much for responding! It’s great to hear from a descendant of John S. Lamkin. It appears that the link is dead, and I can’t find another way to the information, but I printed out hard copies, and would be happy to send the material to you. If you will contact me by email with your address, I will put it in the mail to you. My email is: championhilz@att.net

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