We Have A Winner…

The 2013 contest to pick a topic for my next blog article is now history, and we have a winner! My daughter Sarah picked a name from the hat containing all the entries, and the prize (such as it is) goes to Sidney Bondurant, who chose the 33rd Mississippi Infantry as the regiment to be immortalized here on the Mississippians in the Confederacy blog. For those of you that know Sidney, his choice should come as no surprise, as he has written an excellent history of the 33rd Mississippi. He also has a wonderful website about the 33rd here: http://www.angelfire.com/ms2/33Miss/. I really have my work cut out for me on this article, as I will have to come up with something really special to impress the 33rd’s regimental historian. I better get to work…

Battle Flag of the 33rd Mississippi Infantry
Battle Flag of the 33rd Mississippi Infantry

Thanks to everyone that submitted an entry to this year’s contest, your kind words and support of this blog  is very much appreciated!

2 thoughts on “We Have A Winner…

  1. Did this ever happen? I just found your blog, and having read Dr. Bondurant’s work, I’m looking forward to seeing yours. Thanks, Scott (ancestor in 33rd)

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