It’s Contest Time! Help Me Choose My Next Blog Topic

I was just looking back over my previous articles for the blog, and realized that it has been a year since the contest to help me pick a topic for my blog. That contest resulted in the article, “An Avalanche of Brave Southern Soldiers: The 31st Mississippi Infantry at the Battle of Baton Rouge.”

I had so much fun with the contest that I want to do it again – So if you would like to see an article about your favorite Mississippi Civil War regiment, this is your chance! That said, here are the rules:

1. All votes must be sent to my email address:, and put “Vote” in the subject line

2. Only one vote per person – but feel free to have your friends and family vote as well

3. You can vote for any Mississippi unit except the 38th Mississippi Infantry/Cavalry, 21st Mississippi Infantry, or 31st Mississippi Infantry – I have already written extensively about the first two units, and the 31st was the unit chosen in last year’s contest.

4 Votes must be received by me before midnight on July 28, 2013

5. I will announce the winner on July 29, 2012

6. I will chose the winner in a slightly different manner this year – each person that votes for a regiment will get the name of the unit thrown into a hat. The winner will be chosen from the hat, so every entry has a chance to win, and the more votes for a particular unit gives it a better chance to win.

7. Good Luck to Everyone, and I look Forward to Your Entries!



5 thoughts on “It’s Contest Time! Help Me Choose My Next Blog Topic

  1. Thanks for doing the 31st last time. The unit was full of relatives.

    How about one of Chalmer’s units at Shiloh, the 9th or 10th?

    I love you blog and your books.

    Larry Duke

  2. Hi!

    My vote is for the 13th Mississippi. This unit as well as the 17th, 18th and the 21st were in The Campaign for East Tennessee and in Knoxville 17 Nov through 4 Dec 1863. They wintered near Russellville, Tennessee and went back to Virginia about 1 April 1864. Unfortunately many of them lost their lives. I compiled a list of the Mississippi men who died here and will send you a copy if you like.

    I truly enjoy your column, thank you so much!

    Namuni Hale Young

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