A Gun Found At Gettysburg: The Second Mississippi Infantry at the Railroad Cut

While doing a little research recently I found this interesting little article in the March 28, 1890, edition of the Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) Inquirer:

This rusty relic, found some twenty-seven years after the war, was a grim reminder of the gallant stand made by the 2nd Mississippi Infantry at the Railroad Cut during the battle of Gettysburg on July 1, 1863.

Post-war picture of the Railroad Cut at Gettysburg - Library of Congress

The 2nd Mississippi suffered terribly at Gettysburg – the regiment had 40 killed and 183 wounded, and the great majority of these losses took place at the Railroad Cut. I could write a long, detailed account of the regiment’s service at Gettysburg, but it would be a waste of time, as Michael Brashear has already written a wonderful history of the 2nd on his website dedicated to the unit: http://www.2ndmississippi.org/. I highly recommend checking out his site as it is packed with interesting information about the gallant 2nd Mississippi Infantry.

14 thoughts on “A Gun Found At Gettysburg: The Second Mississippi Infantry at the Railroad Cut

  1. My great grand father’s brother was Pvt. Charles Strong of Aberdeen, Mississippi. He was in Co I, The Van Dorn Reserve, attached to the 11th Mississippi. He is remembered in the records of Kentucky Military Academy as KIA at Gettysburg. He had graduated with honors in 1859. His father was General Elisha Strong who was a lieutenant in the War of 1812 and colonel in the Mexican war. Family letters.and service records declare that he was wounded on the third of July and died on the next day. In the assault, the position of the Eleventh was on the far left and ended its effort at the Bryan barn. The location of his grave has never been determined.

    1. Hello,
      My Great grandfather was Charles W. Strong. He was a cousin to your Charles Strong. According to my research your Charles Strong is my 2nd cousin 3x removed. Email me at longbow5@hotmail.com if you see my message.

      Larry Burford

  2. My GG Grandmother’s brother was KIA at the railroad cut 2d Ms Co K, William Franklin “Billie” Smith and my GG Grandfather James C Payne was in Co G 2d Ms

    1. Dan,
      Did your great grandfather die in California? i anm writing a book on the confederate veterans who moved to Northern California.

      1. Yes Jeff he did at Agnews State Hospital in about 1910. Moved to Monterey County in 1870 from Mississippi, the Tupelo area from what I have found.

  3. my cousin William b. Houston was killed at the cut. I have his muster card and wish to join sons of conf.

    1. If you are interested in joining the Sons of Confederate Veterans, you can contact the national headquarters and they will put you in touch with the camp closest to where you live. I believe their number is 1-800-MY-SOUTH

      1. Thank you sir for that inclusion. I love your blog. Deo Vindice’

  4. My GGGrandPa, Pvt, Oliver T. Rains of Co. E, 2nd Mississippi Infantry Regiment CSA fought in this battle. His Regiment was part of LTG Ambrose P. Hill’s 3rd Corps. On that day he became a POW.
    And was lucky to survive in Federal Confinement at Fort Delaware military
    prison. He and my GGGrandPa William M. “Buck” Davis (G Company,16th AL Inf) both swore allegiance to the Union after Appomattox and survived Reconstruction by moving their families to Indian Territory.

    I plan on joining the Sons of Confederate Veterans in the near future.

    1. The SCV is a great organization. I am a member. I think I may have had a Strong cousin it that same battle you mentioned.

  5. Can anybody tell me anything about my ancestor Joseph W Shuttlesworth? I’m guessing he didn’t survive the war. He was in company I 2nd Mississippi infantry regiment.

    1. I looked at Joseph W. Shuttlesworth’s service record on Fold3.com, and found he was wounded at the Battle of Sharpsburg, Maryland, September 17, 1862. Joseph was left on the field of battle, and later he was declared “Killed in action.”

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