In Honor of Memorial Day

In honor of Memorial Day, I thought I would share these words that were written by Brigadier General Benjamin Grubb Humphreys, who commanded a brigade of Mississippians in the Army of Northern Virginia. I think the same ideals that motivated Humphreys over 150 years ago still run deep in Mississippians today:

Brigadier General Benjamin Grubb Humphreys - Library of Congress


My nativity fixed my allegiance to Mississippi.  Beneath her soil my ancestors and my children slept in death.  All I held dear on earth family, friends and property welded me to that soil by the strongest cement of nature.  Her God was my God; her people were my people; her interests were my interests; her sympathies were my sympathies.  I could not, did not deliberate after war was inaugurated and brought to her door-sills.  I cast my lot with my mother state, and as she had crossed the Rubicon, I determined to march with her armies, whether her war-path led to Rome or ruin.    


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